Malte Krupa

Update Patch Level Of FreeBSD Jails - 2023-12-06

In this example we have 14.0-RELEASE-p1 installed and want to update to 14.0-RELEASE-p2.

First, check the current version of every jail:

$ for i in $(jls name); do sudo freebsd-version -j $i; done

Then, run an unattended update on all jails:

$ for i in $(jls name); do sudo PAGER="cat" freebsd-update -j $i fetch install; done

PAGER is usually set to less which results in a dialog you have to close manually. With cat the output is just printed and everything continues without interaction.

Once the updates are done, restart all the jails.

Keep in mind: This command will stop all jails in the order as they appear in /etc/jail.conf. Once all of them are stopped, they are started again.

$ sudo service jail restart


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