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clamav-rest (2019 - ongoing)

Technologies: Python, Docker, Github Actions

Container repository:

Some time ago I started a tiny side project which allows you to scan for viruses via an API. The project was used in at a company I worked for in their SaaS product to scan user-uploaded files for viruses.

I still maintain it whenever it is necessary. The project is very small but the work around it to keep it maintained taught me a lot of respect for open source maintainers.

Ansible roles for FreeBSD (2022 - ongoing)

Technologies: Ansible, YAML, FreeBSD


Most - if not all - of the services I host are managed using ansible. I don’t particularly like ansible but it is boring and does the job.

University - Simulation of the Future (2015)

Technologies: JavaScript, Three.js


For a cross functional course called “Simulation der Zukunft” we had to create a simulation that depicts the movement of the sun and the shadow it casts on buildings. We did so by making use of three.js.

Our team consisted of two computer science students and two mechanial engineering students.

The project is still reachable:

Open Source contributions

Besides the usual quick Pull Request to fix a spelling error I contributet some things that I’m rather proud of. Either because they’re on a prominent project or because it is for something that I have not too much knowledge of but still was able to do some work.

Add precompiled NIFs for FreeBSD (2023)

Technologies: Elixir, FreeBSD

Pull request:

To make use of kino_explorer on a livebook instance running on FreeBSD I ran into an issue.

The change to fix this only touched three lines but it took me about 9 commits to get there. :) The elixir community was very helpful.

Testing live views with chromedriver fails on GitHub actions (2023)

Technologies: Elixir, GitHub actions


After working on a tiny open source project for years I’m somewhat aware of the amount of work it takes to create a project in public. So, when I interact with people who do this work for all of us, I try to be respectful and make their lives as easy as possible.

At one point I ran into an issue (which was my fault) with Wallaby which is Elixir based and does: “Concurrent browser tests for your Elixir web apps”.

I tried to make sure that the issue takes away as little time as possible of their time but … should’ve just read the readme instead . :)

Add GitHub actions to run Continous Integration tests to chessboard.js (2023)

Technologies: Github actions, JavaScript

Pull request:

While working on a chess based phoenix live view app I came across the chessboard.js library and an issue where the maintainer added the help-wanted tag. Since I often work with GitHub Actions, I figured I could help here.

Add documentation on (2018 - 2019)

Technologies: Markdown

Uberspace is a hosting company. They provide an extensive collection of guides for their users. I created guides for Prometheus, Grafana and Alertmanager.

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